The dwindler cover
The dwindler cover
  1. Old Rusty

From the album The Dwindler

BK-acoustic guitar/vocals
Dave Nelson-curious electric guitar
Scott Stevenson-accordion
Gerald Dowd-drums/vocals
John Abbey-bass


Old Rusty
When I was a young man
I bought me a truck
it was shiny and new
with a fat payment book
I got 60 days late and they took it away
it left a hole in my heart
where that truck used to be
So I stuck out my thumb
and I stole me a bike
and I resigned myself to the pedestrian life
then my friend went to jail
for 300 years his wife said
“get that piece of shit out of my sight”
Old Rusty, my old rusty truck
Old Rusty, my old rusty truck
It was an old Chevy or GMC,
from 1965 or four or three
it sat up on blocks beneath
a big old oak tree
when the sun was just right,
it looked like it was smiling at me
so I stole him some tires
and a fresh battery
I said a little prayer when I turned the key
he sputtered and coughed
and I pulled out the choke
and I fell in love in a cloud of blue smoke
There was an old dog
and he lived in the back
my friend’s wife said that he’d been there
for years and for years
she said she couldn’t care less
if I killed him and ate him
I just patted his head
and gave him the rest of my beer
and I made him a house
out of plywood and duct tape
and the door from some outhouse
I found by the road
he never left the bed of that truck
for almost 15 years
he used to smile while he’d crap
through a hole in the bed
I lost Old Rusty one late winter’s day
helping my friend get his icehouse
back off the lake
the ice seemed plenty thick,
but then it started to break
and Old Rusty took a header
to the bottom of the lake
sometimes I’ll go fishing
right over that spot
me and a bottle
and my old fishing pole
I’ll feel a tug on the line
and I’ll haul it in
it’ll be a chewed-up can
of thirty weight oil