The dwindler cover
The dwindler cover
  1. Jimmy Burke's Daughter

From the album The Dwindler

Dave Nelson-fancy acoustic guitar
Scott Stevenson-historical accordion
Tom Jancauskas-bass
James Kuhn, Mike Kuhn, Chris Kuhn-good sons


Jimmy Burke’s Daughter
Jimmy Burkes’s daughter
The true love of my father
And mother to me
and my three younger brothers
She born us she bathed us
If we were drowning she saved us
And taught us generosity
And kindness toward strangers
good son good son
A good son loves his mother
And we’re very good sons
Jimmy Burke’s daughter
bore four sons who love her
Each one’s own heart broke
when he did disappoint her
But she always forgave them
Tsk tsk try to behave’d them
And prayed up to Jesus
and his Mother to save them
A pirate a painter a teacher a saint
Her four sons gathered round her
when their Da went to heaven
She bloomed yet again
when they feared she might wither
Jimmy Burke’s daughter
proved a right rugged flower
Let’s raise up a glass
in a toast to our mothers
Wether they still be with us
or live up in heaven
If we know right from wrong
And we clean up our own messes
And are respectful to others
Good and true to our women
And make interesting children
And don’t lie cheat or steal
Because that’s just the way that
our mothers they raised us
Good sons good sons
A good son loves his mother
and we’re good sons
Good sons A good son loves his mother
and we’re very good sons