The dwindler cover
The dwindler cover
  1. The Aviator

From the album The Dwindler

BK-acoustic guitar/mandolin/vocals
Dave Ramont-banjo/vocals
Scott Stevenson-accordion
Dave Nelson-slidey guitar
Mike Kuhn-bass
Jim Hurley-drums


Your great granddaddy was an aviator
back when planes only had propellers
bought his own plane
when he was a teenager
bet that put some gray hair on his mother
She’d hear that buzzing sound
out in the distance
Grandma smiles
knew she better get cookin
red wind sock on the top of the barn
land on the gravel road in front of the farm
When he was sixteen he flew to California
with a bag of apples and 84 dollars
land in a farmer’s field
ask for a drink of water
maybe buy some gas
and meet the farmer’s daughter
The church ladies
all felt so sorry for his mama
figured that they’d read about
the crash in the paper
Hear that hummin sound
off in the distance
Grandma smiled
knew she better get cookin
In the Korean War he flew a dive bomber
flying jet planes on Uncle Sam’s dollar
three parts boredom one part stressful
the Commies tried to kill him
but were unsuccessfull
college on the G.I. Bill
what you do in the war?
well I didn’t get killed
That’s where he met
your great grandmother
pretty soon I came along
with three more brothers
It was the golden age of airline travel
nowadays they just treat you like cattle
cigarettes fine food and wine
people even used to get dressed up to fly
Your great granddaddy he was the captain
of the convair 880 and the 727
Flying folks off to Las Vegas in it’s heyday
it almost felt cheating on payday
Your Great GrandDad lived to be 120
he only died then cuz he run out of money
drank and played cards
avoided anything stressful
the cancer tried to kill him
but was unsuccessful
he showed us all
that growing old ain’t so bad
it ain’t about the time you got
it’s about what kind of time you had