The dwindler cover
The dwindler cover
  1. Family Tree

From the album The Dwindler

BK-”The Gambler” acoustic guitar/vocals
Dave Nelson-inspired acoustic guitar
Gerald Dowd-vocals


Family Tree
The roots of this family tree/
would be so very proud to see
All the branches all the leaves/
that have grown off of this family tree
The family tree grew tall and strong/
through the years and centuries
Through winds and rain
and lightning strikes/
the family tree it still survives
Some leaves fall
and blow away never to be seen again
Most of those leaves blow back again someday this way
Some blow in on Thanksgiving Day
The branches they grew long with time/
and with other trees branches intertwine
They made new trees of their own/
that grew to forests over time
One day our own leaves will fall
as every leaf one day will do
We will become part of the roots
part of this family tree’s long history