The dwindler cover
The dwindler cover
  1. True Blue

From the album The Dwindler

BK-acoustic guitar (Dave Ramont’s terrific LG-2), vocals
Chris Walke-other worldly steel guitar
Jim Chevalier-undeniable bass
Scott Stevenson-accordion sauce
Dave Ramont-true blue banjo & vocals
Dave Nelson-slidey dobro
Gerald Dowd-barely contained drums


True Blue
True Blue, your time will come
Burden lifted off the shoulders
of the bachelor son
True Blue, when Mama gets her wings
Look down from heaven
gonna pull some strings
And the good things will come your way
True Blue, someday
True Blue, you done your time
Never told no tales,
never dropped no dime
True Blue, what’d you think,
for seven weeks the FBI
just filmed you drink
Before they packed up and went away
You exercised your right to remain
True Blue
Move the fridge, hole in the wall,
stashed the bag of cash and guns and all
True Blue he never wet his beak,
never took a taste
And when the Feds went home
and it all cooled down
He put his cut on the collection plate
Good friend’s wife, fresh out of the bath
Asks if he’ll put a little lotion on her back
She’s serving it up
with a scoop of ice cream
And True Blue,
he hardly even thinks about it
Watch your kids in a pinch, help you find your lost dog Lend you his car,
help you shovel the snow
And drink with you when you’re feelin low,
and lend you half of his last dime
He’s true blue. True Blue